Collin Green

I love making software. I've built a bit of everything, ranging from timelapse tools to mobile games to a web app that matches the future doctors of the world with their perfect med schools.

I believe in open source, automated testing, and the idea that you can build amazing software without trading quality for velocity. I think two heads are better than one, that the user experience is more important than anything else, and that an amazing team is a family that ends up stronger than the sum of its parts.

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Things I Like Doing


My best work has been building scalable backends that drive web and mobile products, usually in python or javascript.

Client Side Web

The other half of full stack - front end code that the users interact with. Everything from jQuery to Angular and React. Currently obsessed with RiotJS.

Hybrid Mobile

Cross platform mobile applications from games to business tools, generally built with cordova, gameclosure, or corona.

Dream about Product

I love to make things better and I'm always brainstorming about great new ways to solve existing pain points.

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Have a question, comment, or just want to chat? Email me about anything and we can probably have a cool conversation.