Side-Project Portfolio

Here are some cool side-projects that I have worked on. These are mostly web applications with a smattering of mobile and desktop apps thrown in. If you have questions about any of them or want to know more, just ask!

Apply Perfectly

Helping the doctors of the future find their perfect med schools.

Every medical school in North America in one place with the same easy-to-compare format, plus all the tools you need to track your applications, upcoming deadlines, and compare your transcript to each schools' requirements.


Building Apps with Riot

Co-authored the Bleeding Edge Press book on RiotJS application development.

This book will show you how Riot works inside and out so that you can judge the framework for yourself. It provides an overview on developing websites, web applications, and web components. Throughout the course of this book you will learn all of the essential aspects of Riot necessary to start hacking away.

cover of riotjs book


Free and Open source timelapse authoring desktop application for windows.

Everything you need to record, post-process, and create beautiful timelapse videos of your very own. Take synchronized desktop screenshots and webcam captures on a completely custom schedule, configure picture-in-picture, add music, and choose the format and framerate. Completely Free!

clocks on a wall

Paranoid Password

A better solution to password management.

Addressing the password crisis with an easy, local password generator instead of a synced-across-the-internet password manager. Use one great master password to generate all your application passwords on the fly from any device, even offline. Avoid the risks of storing all your passwords in one place or with a single high value target.


Startup Pong

Competitive office ping-pong ladders.

ELO and winner-takes-all ladders for your startup's ping pong obsession. See the history of all games played, the results of every matchup between two players, and everyone's rank and rating history over time. Why play for fun when you can play for blood?

pingpong table

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